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Vice Chairman of the European Parlament for South East Europa Victor Bostinaru: Berisha must change

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Der kriminellste Ministerpräsident der Welt: Salih Berisha, wo sich Mörder und Drogen Bosse, Stapelweise bei seinen Ministern aus dem Gefängniss freikaufen können und seine militanten Banden, überall die Bevölkerung terrorisieren, durch Grundstücks Besetzungen, wilde Baum fäll Aktionen und Strand Besetzungen um von der Bevölkerung für die Nutzung Geld zuerpressen.

Parlaments Präsidentin: Josefina Topalli, vollkommen korrupt, dumm und kriminell bezeichnete den Vice Chairman für Süd Ost Europa der EU: Victor Bostinaru als Nazi, vor 4 Monaten.

  • 12.10.2011: Der “Null Funktion” Mafia Regierung, wird erneut der EU Kandidaten Status verweigert.

    The most criminal is Salih Berisha, and his criminal enterprise



    30.9.2011: Gegen den Oel Betrugs Geschaeftsmann: Hajri Hajredin Elezaj, wurde Interpol Haftbefehl ausgestellt

    Bostinaru: Berisha must change
    Victor Bostinaru
    Victor Bostinaru, the Vice Chairman of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with the countries of South East Europe, commented yesterday the 2011 Progress Report on Albania, expressing his deep concern for the path the country is following, and regretting that for the second consecutive year the country was not able to be granted the EU candidate status.The progress report said that Albania had limited progress in fulfilling the political criteria and the 12 key recommendations. The document also emphasized the work that still needs to be done with the war against corruption and the judicial system.Bostinaru says in his declaration:

    “I’m afraid the political leading Albania has not yet understood how much they are losing as a country, but even more how much they are making the Albanian citizens lose. This is what irritates me most, the fact that because of the political guide of a few people, all citizens are facing an uncertain future, certainly darker than what they expected and what they deserve. If there is no swift change, I fear next time the European Commission will be forced to call this Regress Report rather than Progress Report”.

    Bostinaru also added that the context of the report was not a surprise for him.

    “I would have been pleased to be contradicted by the report, but unfortunately I just see a full confirmation of what I have been affirming for many months now. I hope the Albanian Government will take not of the Commission’s assessment, realize that the line followed until now is well far away from the right one, and change it radically. The political deadlock will take Albania nowhere. Mr. Berisha must understand that in a democracy the majority governs with the involvement of the opposition, in particular on key issues like the necessary reforms. He should explain to the citizens why this has not been done until now, making the country lose two years”, he adds.

    According to Bostinaru, the Commission’s assessment that no progress has been made in the legislative framework for elections and with regard to the independence of the judicial system, is a very concerning sign, especially if it is added to the confirmation that the Central Election Commission undertook unilateral decisions on the May 8th elections.

    The Romanian MEP concludes his declaration by saying that he hopes that Albania will start shortening the gap that divides it from other Western Countries that are marking good progresses. But this can be made only through a close cooperation with the opposition, something that in Albania has been missing for a long time.

    Man erinnert sich das ein Salih Berisha, Nichts für sein Volk tut, das seine militanten Banden, überall die Grundstücke, und Investments auch in der Tourismus Industrie zerstört haben, durch ihren Landraub, Umwelt Vernichtung, Grundstücks Raub ohne Ende, im zig fachen Bereich von 1.000 Hektar Land, allein an der Küste und die Ilir Meta Bande, LSI Partei sowieso. Ein Ivo Sanader wurde verhaftet, auch daran erinnert die Albanische Presse, wo die Salih Berisha - Ilir Meta Banden, sogar einen Volks Terrorismus bis hin zum fälschen von Parlaments Abstimmungen betreibt.

    “Gaddafi” Salih Berisha

    Proteste, bei Bulqize, wegen Landraub durch illegale HEC Wasser Lizenzen, des Mafia Staates Salih Berisha. Es gab keinerlei Rücksprache, oder INformation vorab, noch eine Zustimmung der Gemeinden, weil es die Grundstücke der Gemeinden sind. Über alle Grundwerte eines Staates, setzt sich die primitiv Bande, rund um Ilir Meta und Salih Berisha hinweg. Gesetze interessieren nicht.

    Man erinnert sich auch an die Verhaftung des Ex-Kroatischen Präsidenten Ivo Sanader, wegen Korruption, wobei die Albanischen Politiker und Regierungen, längst jedes Maß überschritten haben und einen Staat, für private Profite ausplündern und zerstören.

    Ivo Sanader, kryeministri kroat, i arrestuar për korrupsion

    Das einzige was in Albanien funktioniert, sind korrupte Richter und Staatsanwälte, die Null Funktion Polizei, für die Bevölkerung und alte Grund Besitzer, wir das primitive Mafia Chaos, der Zerstörung des Tourismus und Antiker Stätten, durch die dümmste und kriminellste Regierung der Welt. Die Land Raub Mafia der Politik, ist wohl so eine Art Terroristisches Hobby der sogenannten Politiker und seit über 10 Jahren gut bekannt.


    12/10/11 - 2011 Progress Report on Albania

    Der Politischen Klasse, wird die Schuld gegeben, welche absolut Nichts unternimmt, einfachste Gesetze, oder die Justiz, wie Präfekturen in Funktion zubringen. Alles wie vor einem Jahr und noch schlimmer.

    Die Frage ist nur wann, denn der kriminellste Politiker von allen 4 ist Salih Berisha, der eine Art Non-Stop Volks Terrorismus betreibt, zusammen mit hoch kriminellen Mord, Waffen, Frauen und Drogen Banden.

    Fule: Elections, a lost chance

    Fule: Elections, a lost chance

    The EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule, gave an exclusive interview for Top-Channel and declared that the candidate status was refused to Albania for not fulfilling any of the criteria asked by Brussels.

    Top-Channel – Albania failed for the second consequent time with the candidate status. Which is your comment for a country that considers EU integration as a priority, but doesn’t fulfill the necessary conditions?

    Fule - It failed both, on the candidate status and starting the negotiations. I think the most important findings is that to a large extend the year has been lost, and the continuation of the political stalemate. We have tried to be as subjective as we could be, in the assessment of the progress and the 12 key priorities defined by us last year. And the progress report I hope is an objective picture, a kind of X-Ray of Albania’s “European health”. Unfortunately, none of these issues were fulfilled. Now, it is not probably the most important to look behind and try to find out what has happened and why. I think the time has come to look into the future, and I hope that the today’s progress report, and the part related to Albania, would be both: a kind of wake up call for the politicians there, and also one more serious encouragement for politicians to overcome the personal distrust which apparently does not allow the government on its side to create the conditions for an all inclusive European process, and for the opposition to play a constructive role in that process. I think both sides have a lot of work to regain that trust. We have identified the progress to issues on which we could be helpful for regaining the trust, the electoral reform on one side, where we are being helped by the OSCE and the Venice Commission; and delivering the 12 key priorities, where the cooperation between the government and the opposition is needed, is a perquisite, for Albania delivering on its action plan and on the list of the 12 key priorities………..

    Ethnic Albanian, Russian and Chinese criminal groups are among the most widespread non-indigenous organised crime groups in the EU.

    Die Albaner gehören zu den gefährlichsten Gruppen in Europa, zusammen mit den Russen und Chinesen.

    OC groups from outside the EU
    Ethnic Albanian OC groups have established themselves
    in many Member States. The criminal activities are controlled
    by OC groups in Albania, Kosovo and FYROM. They
    continue to extend their role from facilitators for other
    OC groups to achieving full control in certain crime areas,
    such as drugs trafficking, illegal immigration and
    trafficking in human beings, in specific regions.
    Ethnic Albanian OC groups are hierarchal, disciplined
    and based on exclusive group membership. The significance
    of ethnic Albanian OC groups in the overall EU
    context is further increasing. Italy and Greece consider
    ethnic Albanians to be the largest non-indigenous OC
    group in their countries. Albanian OC is considered an
    increasing threat to the Member States.…eSitRep2004.pdf

    he Hague, 18 January 2005

    Organised crime groups diversify their activities into several crime areas

    The Hague - The Netherlands.

    The 2004 European Union Organised Crime Report issued by the European Police Office, Europol, contains the most significant trends with regard to organised crime at a European level, and it gives a short overview on the current criminal situation and trends in the Member States.

    “The move away from a single type of criminal activity (e.g. drug trafficking) to diversification into multi-crime activities (e.g. drug trafficking, commodity smuggling and illegal immigration) is a continuing trend,” says Europol Acting Director, Mariano Simancas.

    He adds, “It is also worth highlighting that organised crime groups focus on facilitating illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings, because they consider this a low risk crime with a high profit. These are crime areas which are often connected with violence and cruelty and cause social, political and economic disturbances in the EU. We have to do our utmost to reduce the harm caused by these crimes and they will continue to be among our main priorities”.

    The organised crime report also states that organised crime in most Member States is dominated by indigenous groups. These groups are well established in their own country and are familiar with the cultural, legal and economic structure however collaboration with non-indigenous groups has become more common. Ethnic Albanian, Russian and Chinese criminal groups are among the most widespread non-indigenous organised crime groups in the EU.

    Another significant trend is that organised crime groups increasingly take advantage of the benefits of legitimate company structures to conduct or hide their criminal activities. These structures are often used to launder or reinvest profits.

    The complete report can be found within our Publications section.


    Dule, early elections in 2012
    13/10/2011 20:20


    Dule, early elections in 2012

    The leader of the United for the Human Rights Party, Vangjel Dule, declared that the blame for Albania’s failure for the EU candidate status falls only on the government.

    “The responsibility has a name, a surname and an address: this is the Albanian government and the Prime Minister Sali Berisha”, Dule declared, who also recognized that the opposition has its own share of the responsabilitiy.

    “On our opinion, the opposition has its own responsibilities, conencted with the strategic inconsistency and tactical confusion in its activity”.

    The UHRP leader offers a simpler tactics:

    “For us there is no other solution, besides that of a quick electoral reform and early elections before the next spring”,

    According to Dule, today’s Parliamentary report hampers the new reforms that would enable the realization of the European dream for the Albanian citizens.
    Dule, early elections in 2012 Fule: Progress report, an alarm bell
    Commissioner for Top Channel: Albania didn’t fulfill any of the priorities

    Sequi on Top Story: Why EU rejected Albania

    President: Albania doesn’t need this politics

    11.10.2011: Ärzte fordern die Ablösungs des Krankenhaus Direktors und prominenten Verbrechers: Genci Sinojmeri

    FBI - Interpol: over the world terrorism mafia group of US Senator Eliot Engel, with Salih Berisha, Bajraktari, Bytyci - Sahit Muja
    15 years NATO Reports over the most criminal enterprise Albania: “Albanian politicians have signalled a rare willingness”

    1.10.2011: Albania - Salih Berisha’ s partners: crimes, terrorist, top mafiosi

    since 2003, all americans criminals in Albania: Immunität with a illegal Immunität contract, signed with the Albanian Mafia Boss: Fatos Nano.

    City investigators shut out of Rep. Eliot Engel’s illegal apartment building

    The Secret Financial Network Behind “Wizard” George Soros

    Soros und Muja interessiert am Bergbau in Kosovo

    Der weltbekannte Geschäftsmann George Soros hat Interesse am Bergbau in Kosovo gezeigt

    image de l'articleDie Zeitung „The Wall Street Journal“ schreibt, dass der Milliardär George Soros zusammen mit dem in New York lebenden albanischen Millionär Sahit Muja in Kosovo in den Kohlebergbau investieren wollen. Es wird geschätzt, dass die Kohlereserven einen Wert von 300 Milliarden Euro haben. Beide Geschäftsmänner haben Kosovo diesbezüglich mehrmals besucht.

    Kohlereserven und die rund 15 Milliarden Tonen an Lingit werden schätzungsweise die Rohstoffquelle der Energieerzeuger in der Region bilden.
    US Lobbyisten only gangsters, for robbering the Kosovo and serbien property!

    Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

    from New York’s 17th district


    Washington D.C. - Today, Rep. Eliot L. Engel, Co-Chair of the Congressional Albanian Issues Caucus, announced that ten U.S. Representatives have urged Nicholas Lambsdorff, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan’s deputy special representative in Kosova, to rescind a freeze he ordered that brought a halt to all U.N. privatization in Kosova……….§iontree=6,64,66&itemid=513

    “Geheimes” NATO Dokument, dokumentiert nochmal die Top Verbrecher im Kosovo: Hashim Thaci und Xhavit Halili
    Zerschlagung Jugoslawiens: Die CIA Operation “Roots”

    in english: Killer swadron: Xhavit Halili and Hashim Thaci together with Ramuz Haradinaj

    KLA is financed by Bin Laden

    Albanian Secret Service Chief Fatos Klosi in 16.5.1998 in der “Albania” durch den Albanischen Geheimdienst Chef Fatos Klosi: KLA (UCK) is financed by Bin Laden und oben links: Ferdinand Xhafferie, war der Kommunikator, für den Super Verbrecher der Todes Schwadrone: Xhavit Halili, einem Salih Berisha, bestens bekannt, wie dieser Artikel gut beweist, und besonders peinlich.

    Xhaferri: „Rugova i sherben Milloshevicit = „Rugova steht in Diensten von Milosevic“

    Die Mord Aufrufe, des Ferdinand Yhafferie, gegen Ibrahim Rugova im Auftrage der Hashim Thaci – Xhafit Halili, Terroristen Mord Bande am 20.5.2000, vor den ersten Wahlen im Kosovo und im Auftrage des damaligen US Botschafters Josef Limprecht, dem Bin Laden Partner in Albanien, wie die Vorgängerin Mariza Lino.

    Xhaferri: „Rugova i sherben Milloshevicit = „Rugova steht in Diensten von Milosevic“

    Ein klarer Mord Aufruf in 2000 von Ferdinand Xhafferie (heute Minister in Albanien), uralt Verbündeter von Salih Berisha in Albanien (und Binde Glied zur Banken Mafia mit der AIG (aeuch Holbrook), zur US Drogen Politik Mafia um Frank Wisner und anderen CIA Verbrechern), der Mord Banden des Hashim Thaci, des Coordinators der Todes Schwadronen der „DRENICA“ Terroristen, rund um Xhavit Halili, und den BND Berichten usw.. und dem Dick Marty Bericht für den Europarat.

    aus Balkanblog

    Xhavit Halili, Hashim Thaci und die Fatos Nano und Berisha Mafia

    UCK - KLA killer swadron

    300 Nah-Ost Terroristen und Islamische Terroristen, waren in Nord Albanien unterwegs und sind noch heute Ehrengäste im Kosovo. der spiegel brachte auch hier den Artikel.

    Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily | Mar.17,2004 | Gregory R. Copley,
    Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily
    Volume XXII, No. 50 Friday, March 19, 2004
    © 2004, Global Information System, ISSA
    Exclusive Special Report
    “During the first half of August 2003, 300 Albanian-trained guerillas
    — including appr. 10 mujahedin (non-Balkan Muslims) — were
    infiltrated across the Albanian border into Kosovo, where many have
    subsequently been seen in the company (and homes) of members of the
    so-called Kosovo Protection Corps which was created out of Kosovo
    Albanian elements originally part of the KLA. In fact, the Kosovo
    Protection Force seems almost synonymous with the Albanian National
    Army (ANA), the new designation for the KLA. The guerillas were
    trained in three camps inside the Albanian border at the towns of
    Bajram Curi, Tropoja and Kuks, where the camps have been in operation
    since 1997.”

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